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Step into the depths of the Thunder Vaults and discover the deep and wonderful worlds within. We produce products to fully capture your imagination, with graphic novels continually expanding and board games to fully immerse yourself inside the story.

Defection: the graphic novel

Follow the adventures of Kennedy and the Zodiac crew with the Defection graphic novel. With Planet Keleressa in the midst of a bloody and horrible war, Kennedy and crew have taken it upon themselves to help the civilians of Keleressa escape the violence that now overwhelms their homeworld.

Defection: the board game

Space is filled with horrors, but at present time, your homeworld of Keleressa seems more threatening, as a terrible war rages and looks to have no end. Take your ship, hire some crew and load up civilians, it's time to get these people out of here! Will you make it to a safer planet?

2-4 Player
1+ Hours

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